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Dr Katarzyna Wójtowicz-Ciesiołka

Graduate of the Medical Academy in Lublin. Started practicing as a dentist in 1999. For many years has been practicing in leading dental clinics of Warsaw. Very ambitious doctor constantly raising her qualifications, participates in post graduate courses and trainings. Specializes in general dentistry, endodontic and aesthetic dentistry. Since year 2000 has been professionally involved in the teeth whitening process (teeth whitening as a dental procedure). In 2012 graduated from post graduate studies at the Warsaw Medical University in the field of aesthetic dentistry.
Praised by patients for her personality, professionalism and knowledge.

Dr Edyta Bazelczuk

A graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw. Actively participated in the work of research groups at the Department of Orthodontics and the Department of Mucosal Disease and Periodontal at the University of Warsaw, frequent delegate to various medical congresses. Started practicing as a dentist in 2004. Broadens her knowledge in post graduate courses taught by various Polish and foreign specialists, as through her work in the modern dental clinics in Warsaw and in Dublin. Focuses on aesthetic dentistry and endodontic treatment. Also practices dental treatment of children, has a very good feel with our youngest patients.

Dr Elwira Krzysztofiak

A graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry at the Medical University of Karol Marcinkowski in Poznan. Doctor of aesthetic medicine.Before starting her medical studies, she graduated from Manor College in Philadelphia, USA, in the field of dental hygiene. She gained experience as a dental hygienist in private clinics in the USA. A very ambitious doctor, participant in many theoretical and practical courses. She is constantly expanding her medical knowledge in the field of preventive dentistry, endodontics and aesthetic dentistry. She inspires confidence and is very popular among small patients. She is fluent in English.

Dr Jolanta Najko
specialist in dental surgery 

A graduate of the Faculty of Dentistry at the Medical Academy in Łódź and the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical Academy in Warsaw. Specialist in dental surgery. She gained knowledge and skills, among others working at the facial and maxillofacial surgery at the Central Clinical Hospital at Szaserów Street in Warsaw. Very appreciated for her skills and knowledge both in the medical environment and by her patients. A very ambitious person, constantly expanding her knowledge and professional qualifications. Appreciated by the patients for her professionalism, as well as for the enormous energy and commitment. Dr. Najko surrounds her patients with exceptional care during and after the treatment. In Jarzębiny Clinic Dr. Najko provides a comprehensive surgical treatment.

Dr Dorota Lukasiewicz, Ph.D.
specialist in orthodontics

A graduate of the Medical University of Lublin, received her dentistry degree in 1998. Defended the doctoral thesis in the Department of Conservative Dentistry, University of Lublin.
In yeras 2004-2008, specialized in orthodontics as a resident in the Department of Orthodontics, at the University of Białystok. She gained her title as a specialist of orthodontics in 2008. She participated in many Polish and foreign post graduate courses and trainings exchange in the field of orthodontics.
Performs the comprehensive orthodontic treatment of children and adults.
Interested in the history of art, a graduate art historian of the University of Warsaw.

Dr Anna Łasinska

A graduate of the Medical Academy in Gdańsk in 1993. In 1997, she passed the exam and obtained the title of specialist in general dentistry. Since the very beginning of her professional career Dr. Łasinska has been deeply involved in prosthetics. She gained her knowledge on practical courses, scientific conferences and through over twenty years of experience working as a prosthetic doctor. She cooperates with the best prosthetics laboratories in Warsaw. Very ambitious, constantly expanding her knowledge by participating in practical courses and conferences in the field of dental prosthetics.
Very appreciated by the patients for her personality, professionalism and knowledge. Doctor Łasińska attaches great importance to the aesthetics, functionality and quality of prosthetic work, as well as to the patient’s understanding of the entire course of treatment and its individual stages.
With her responsible approach and commitment, she provides her patients with a deep sense of security and comfort.