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Dental surgery

In “Dental Rowan,” we offer a full range of treatment in dental surgery. We provide specialist medical care and highest quality equipment and accessories necessary to carry out medical treatments at the highest level.
The following are examples of dental surgery treatments in Stomatologia Jarzębiny:

  • Tooth extraction
  • Tooth extraction with alveolus chiseling
  • Tooth root’s apex resection
  • Operative extraction of retained tooth
  • Unveiling the retained tooth for orthodontic treatment
  • Plastic surgery of the frenulum
  • Replantation of the tooth, tooth transplantation
  • Surgical alveolus supply
  • Plastic surgery of alveolus apex
  • Plastic surgery of the soft tissue prior to prosthetic treatment
  • Plastic surgery of the maxillary sinus connection
  • The splenius procedure (open curettage)
  • Excision of gum
  • Gingival grafts and reconstruction
  • Preimplantation Surgery
    • The reconstruction of the bone substrate prior to dental implantation
    • Elevation of the sinus
  • Taking a slice of tissue for histopathological examination