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Prosthodontics is a part of dentistry dealing with reconstruction of missing teeth. It is not only a surgical activity, but also an art of beautification.

In addition to improving the aesthetics of the face, through the restoration of full beautiful smile, which always improves mood and self-confidence, the reconstruction of lost tooth restores:

  • Normal functions of chewing food, (which affects the state of the entire digestive system)
  • Correct pronunciation (lack of teeth can cause a lisp, slurred pronunciation)
  • Normal temporomandibular joint function (missing teeth can lead to serious illness of the joint resulting in severe headaches, among others).

In the full dental arch, each tooth has its place. It contacts its right and left and also its opposite neighbor-tooth in the right way. In this condition it remains stable and does not move. The existence of even one missing tooth erodes this perfect balance. There starts a chain of negative changes resulting from no replenishment of missing teeth (teeth adjacent to the gap tilt in her direction, the opposing tooth protrudes toward the gap, it undermines the maintenance of teeth in the bone and leads to loosening and loss).

In “Dental Rowan,” we offer a full range of dental services:

  • removable dentures,
  • combined prosthetic works using retention elements,
  • prosthetic crowns,
  • bridges,
  • prosthetic works on dental implants.

Thanks to the development of science and technical capabilities we are able to offer the best solution in any given clinical situation, that is always very highly quality, aesthetic and not necessarily the most expensive.

The knowledge that you will gain will allow you to decide whether to start the treatment and the way you would like to have it carried out.