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Teeth whitening

Professional teeth whitening is the simplest and most effective way to brighten and rejuvenate a smile. Now also you can have beautiful white teeth and feel confident in everyday situations. Check the method used by our doctors.

The cause of teeth darkening are different types of pigments found in foods such as coffee, tea, red wine, which penetrate the tooth and change its color. Sometimes, we have already been born with the dark color of teeth.

Teeth whitening methods proposed in Dentistry Rowan

  • Teeth whitening with the lamp (BEYOND)
    Over the years, we eat colorful food, drink coffee or tea or smoke cigarettes, so the teeth begin to darken. Regular brushing can remove some stains on the enamel, but those that penetrated deep into the structure of the tooth are difficult to remove in the normal way.
    BEYOND ™ Teeth Whitening is a single treatment consisting of applying a special whitening gel on the teeth, and then activating it with the light of the accelerator. Whitening gel is based on hydrogen peroxide and other ingredients designed to increase results and reduce sensitivity. The light from the Beyond Polus ™ accelerator increases the speed of passage of the whitening gel through the enamel to the dentine. The light emitted by the accelerator speeds up the whitening process by increasing the frequency at which the compounds of hydrogen peroxide break down. This causes rapid oxidation effect in the middle of the tooth structure, making visible discoloration broken down into smaller ones and oxidized. The effect of bleaching are white, shiny teeth of the patient. The entire procedure takes about 45 minutes, but its length can vary depending on the case.
    BEYOND ™ treatment is completely safe, when performed by your dentist. Teeth after whitening do not become “more receptive” to the coloring substance, and persistence of the treatment depends greatly on the style / mode of given patient’s life. The effect remains visible for an average of 2 years.
  • Teeth whitening in the office
    The method of professional whitening in the office allows to perform the entire procedure during one visit. Constant control of the dentist during the surgery and the possibility of a professional gum protection allows for the use of the teeth whitening product of high concentration. There is also an opportunity to strengthen the efforts through the irradiation the tooth surface with the exposure lamp. Thanks to it the whitening effect is visible immediately after surgery.
  • Teeth whitening at home (overlay method)
    This treatment after collecting impressions and performance of individual overlay in the laboratory, the patient performs independently at home. After being carefully instructed by the doctor, patient applies on the overlay the individually selected whitening preparation received in the office. Then the patient puts on an overlay with a preparation overnight. Preparations for whitening at home have a low concentration, hence the need of prolonged contact with the surface of the tooth. The whole process takes an average of 8 – 10 days.
  • Whitening of dead teeth
    This method applies usually to teeth with healed tooth roots. After removing the old filling physician introduces the tooth whitening preparation in place of the filling, also placing the temporary filling protection. The procedure usually requires 3 to 4 visits, during which the whitening preparation is exchanged. After the whitening process ends, the physician introduces the cosmetic filling.

We invite you to a consultation visit, during which the doctor gets to know your needs, examines the condition of your teeth and on this basis proposes the best method for you.