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General dentistry

Preventive dentistry is a specialty treatment dedicated to the prevention and treatment of caries. Caries treatment is usually a one time surgery that aims at:

  • Inhibition of caries
  • Prevention of recurrent caries
  • Reconstruction of damaged tissue of the tooth
  • Retention of the living, healthy pulp

Proper hygiene and professional preventive treatment (plaque removal, sanding, fluoridation) is a proven way to prevent or reduce the formation of cavities.

Stomatologia Jarzebiny offers you the highest quality of dental treatment

Based on our knowledge and experience we have chosen and use only the proven and best quality filling materials from reputable companies. This ensures that the fillings will perform well in a given clinical situation. Apart of the universal materials we also use composite materials intended only for specific clinical situations. A doctor will inform you about the possibility of using such material and present the advantages. For process of hardening of the composite fillings we use the most modern lamps equipped with a system of regulated light intensity. This system minimizes shrinkage, which occurs in all composites during irradiation. Thanks to it we obtain above-average tight fillings. Tight filling closes off the bacteria before they re-intrude into the interior of the tooth.

With the intraoral camera, you will be able to see the given clinical situation of your teeth on the monitor.

Stages of caries treatment at a glance

  • Removal of caries
  • Giving the cavity the shape resistance, the formation of the cavity that both the filling and the surrounding tissues of the tooth will not be destroyed by the chewing forces.
  • Giving shape retention, which prevents the filling from falling due to chewing forces.
  • Covering the bottom of the worked out cavity with medical preparation, in order to protect the pulp and be compatible with the chosen material for the reconstruction of the crown.
  • Installing the filling and matching it with the occlusion (modeled cusps and wrinkles). This step requires the use of various types of small accessories such as wedges, straps, matrix band, sanding, polishing eraser and many more. The ‘Stomatologia Jarzębiny’ auxiliary components are of the highest quality and wherever possible, single use.