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Our standards

Work in “four hands” mode

We work in a “four hands” mode, so that treatment is more effective and faster. The system of work “for four hands” allows to perform the surgery in a comfortable supine position for you. Constant cooperation of the doctor with the assistant makes his job more efficient and reduces your time spent in the office. In addition, it protects you against cross infection.

Ergonomic design of dental chair and dental unit equipped with the internal system of disinfection gives you additional comfort and safety.

Dental materials

In ‘Stomatologia Jarzebiny’ we use only the top-notch highest quality filling materials from renowned producers: GC ‘Gradia’ filling in anterior teeth, 3M ESPE ‘Filtek Z250’ for posterior restorations and 3M ESPE ‘Filtek P60’ for restorative extensive / reconstruction of the teeth.

Dental loupes

In the root canal treatment we use the dental loupes of a Swiss company Sandy Grendel. Why the use of dental loupes? Loupes provide very good visibility of the operating field and do not require – in contrast to the microscope – a time-consuming and frequent process of adjusting optics. Working with dental loupes shortens treatment time. It means no extra cost for the patient.

Similar loupes are used in many areas of medicine and surgery, for example neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, vascular surgery.

Digital Radiovisiography

Digital radiovisiography is an essential equipment of a modern dental surgery. Our clinic is equipped with the latest generation of digital radiographic system by Kodak.

Radiovisiography eliminates the traditional x-ray film, which is replaced by a special sensor. As a result, after 1-2 seconds, we get a high quality image on a computer screen.

  • The system saves time for the patient and the physician, eliminating the tedious process of developing the X-ray images.
  • The X-ray radiation dose used in the radiovisiography is about 90% lower than in the traditional system. (Digital radiovisiography is recommended as a way of diagnosing children.)
  • The image quality is incomparably better than in the traditional system. Digital technology through the use of contrast (in order to enhance the visibility of details), the zoom of a chosen image, obtaining three-dimensional image, allows for an incomparably more accurate assessment of the clinical situation than traditional X-ray.
  • The system allows for easy storage and access to data in computer memory.

With the fantastic opportunities offered by radiovisiography, we provide high quality diagnostics. Radiovisiography is applicable in every field of dentistry.

The Rowan Dentistry operates a quality management system in X-ray diagnostics. The safety of patients and staff is supervised by the radiological protection inspector.

“The Wand” anesthesia

“The Wand” is a technology of computer steered anesthesia which allows for painless and effective anesthesia before dental procedures. A doctor uses a special, high precision tip for providing the patient with anesthetic which is gradually absorbed, there is no spreading of tissue, and hence pain.

The Wand technology significantly reduces the possibility of complications related to anesthesia.

The BEYOND lamp

The lamp which serves as an accelerator in the teeth whitening process. Commonly considered to be the most effective and modern of all devices of this type.


We work with only the highest quality equipment from reputable companies.

All treatments in the field of preventive dentistry, endodontics, prosthetics, are carried out with special tips for tooth preparation of the Japanese company NSK. Each one is equipped with following features:

  • cooling, which protects the living tissue of the tooth from overheating,
  • lighting, provides excellent visibility of work for the doctor,
  • speed control, provides excellent precision of the surgery.

The lamps for hardening composite fillings are equipped with a light control system, thanks to which the material shrinkage that occurs in all composites at the time of the hardening is limited to a minimum. Through this we get more than the average tightness of fillings, and this in turn is the basis for maximum protection against returning tooth decay.

Intraoral cameras allow to show the status of the patient’s teeth, and also to present the results achieved in the treatment process on the overhead screen.

Endometer Raypex 5 – very precise specialized device used to measure the length of root canals.

Modern toolsets for root canal preparation using ultrasound (thanks to which we obtain a high efficiency in the canal treatment ).

High-end terminals to carry out prophylactic measures: Scaler, Gritter.


We are one of the few institutions that have a separate room for sterilization. The procedure for preparing the tools to be sterilized is at the highest level. Tools after disinfection, washing, drying, are packed individually in a special sealed sleeves. Thus prepared are subjected to a process of steam sterilization in autoclave Millennium class B. The correctness of each sterilization cycle is checked by means of specific indicators. We also provide monthly external control. All these treatments and procedures are designed to ensure the safety for you and your staff at the clinic.

Due to a unique design of the dental unit the treatment of people using wheelchairs runs without changing onto the dental chair.