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Root canal treatment

This is a good investment in your health. It is also a procedure that is less invasive and cheaper than removing the damaged tooth and replacing it with a bridge or dental implant.

What does it mean that the tooth requires a root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is performed, when the bacteria that cause tooth decay destroyed the enamel and dentin and penetrate into its interior – the pulp: a living, vascularized and innervated tissue, which is connected to the bloodstream throughout the body. This is a dangerous situation for the tooth, and for the whole organism. The bacteria migrating with the blood have a negative impact on the joints, heart, kidneys and other organs. This condition requires immediate treatment.

Stages of treatment

  1. Diagnosis
    At this stage, we perform X-ray (digital technique), assess the status of the destruction of tooth tissue, assess the number of roots, course and width of the channels within each root.
  2. Removal of caries from the crown of the tooth
    We thoroughly cleanse the tooth exposing outlets of all the root channels.
  3. Cleansing the infected canals of bacteria
    We remove the infected pulp and then the bacteria from the walls of root canals. For this purpose, we use among others a very effective system of ultrasonic tools. Thanks to the high quality and variety of instruments, we can accurately clean the canal system during one visit.
  4. Tight filling
    The hollow and disinfected canals will be filled with material protecting against the intrusion of bacteria. After filling the canals the X-ray will be taken.
  5. Permanent tooth reconstruction
    Depending on the indications we place a cosmetic composite filling, alternatively the prosthetic reconstruction of the tooth is performed.

The effectiveness of root canal treatment is high; it is a proven and safe procedure (subject to appropriate accuracy and clarity of procedures). In difficult clinical situations the efficacy of root canal treatment is supported by dental surgery. Root canal treatment is a time consuming procedure requiring extraordinary medical skills, and rich and expensive instrumentation.